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About the Blending of 4 organizations…

Daisy Mountain Veterans is a close association of members of the American Legion   Post 128 and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 12031 – representatives of our nation’s largest organizations of veterans.  Including the Phoenix North Valley Women Veterans, the combined organization’s’ mission is to honor, support, and thank all who have served and are currently serving in our Military.

These organizations have a long history of serving communities, promoting Americanism, family values, youth programs, freedom, and liberty.  The members celebrate the achievements and sacrifices of members of our Armed Forces with whom they, as veterans, share common experiences.

The Daisy Mountain Veterans also qualifies as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and can receive donations from various sources that cannot support military organizations.  To provide strength through numbers, civilian citizens who support veterans are invited to join the Daisy Mountain Veterans.


Daisy Mountain Veterans
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