Daisy Mountain Veterans


Anthem Rotary Club

Participates in annual Golf Classic golf tournaments held at Anthem Country Club sponsored by the Anthem Rotary Club.  https://www.facebook.com/pg/Anthem-Rotary-Club-101293778092/about/?tab=overview

Veterans First Ltd (VFL)

Provides logistics, fundraising, and volunteer assistance to Veterans First – a non-profit organization supporting Women Veterans. VFL established and manages Mary Ellen’s Place, a facility with fourteen studio apartments, specifically dedicated to provide housing for single Women Veterans.  Veterans First and Mary Ellen’s Place has saved numerous lives.

If a Women Veteran needs assistance, please click on  http://veteransfirstltd.org .  VFL assists Women Veterans who are struggling with re-entering civilian life after military service or are at-risk of becoming homeless.

Anthem Community Council (ACC)

Works closely with Council to sponsor Memorial Day and Veterans Day programs at the Anthem Veterans Memorial (AVM).  The Daisy Mountain Veterans maintain the flags at the Memorial and participates in various other activities at the Memorial; brick laying, memorial services, and welcome home for veterans. They also participate in Anthem Day’s and Autumn Fest.  http://www.onlineatanthem.com/anthem-community-council

Network of Anthem Area Assistance Providers (NAAAP)

Provides help and hope to those individuals and families to get back on their feet. Member of this growing collaborative effort among non-profit and charitable organizations.  http://www.anthemnetwork.org.

Daisy Mountain Firefighters Charities

Donate remaining toys from the Daisy Mountain Veterans Toy Store to the Daisy Mountain Firefighters to be given to the Maricopa County Medical Center.  The small, new stuffed toys are put on the firetrucks to be given to children during tragic events. http://www.firefighterscharities.org.

Youth for Troops

Assists with making the plastic sleeping mats for the homeless, volunteers at the Anthem Veterans Memorial and Veterans Day ceremonies, distributes Poppy’s, and sews the American Hero quilts. https://www.facebook.com/YouthforTroops/

Major Projects

Daisy Mountain Veterans Parade

Founders, financiers, and managers of this parade to honor Veterans.  Always held on the Saturday before Veterans Day, this volunteer-run parade has become one of the premier events in the southwest United States for over a dozen years. Previous parades have honored WWII, Korean, Vietnam, Navajo Code Talkers, Tuskegee Airmen, Gulf War and Desert Storm Veterans, Women Veterans, and more. Learn More.

Bingo Night

On the first and third Friday evening of every month, Veteran Bingo is held the Anthem Civic Building, 3701 West Anthem Way, Suite 202.  Early Bird bingo begins at 6:30 PM with regular bingo at 7:00 PM.  $20.00 includes all games, Veteran Bonus, and 50/50 play. Games offered include regular bingo, blackout, and a variety of other games.

Cash payouts range from $25.00 up to several hundred dollars for the progressive bingo’s.  However, you must be 18 years old to play.  Snacks are available. Bingo is one of the Daisy Mountain Veteran’s main fundraisers, which allows us to assist Veterans in need.  Learn More.

Veteran Vehicle Campaign

Presents vehicles to many deserving Veterans and their families.

Retired American Flags

We schedule once or twice per year with the local Boy Scout troop a flag burning ceremony held in the Anthem Community Park. We have a depository box on the first floor of the Anthem Civic Center Building at 3701 W Anthem Way, in which you may deposit your old retired American flag(s).

Holiday Helpers

Each year beginning in October, we collect food and toys to distribute to needy families during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  Our goal is to provide complete family meals to those in need for both Thanksgiving and Christmas plus age-appropriate toys to the children of those families.

Plastic Sleeping Mats for the Homeless

Distributed plastic sleeping mats for the homeless, plus pet sized mats for their animals, since May 2016.

Incarcerated Women and Men Veterans

Visits quarterly the Women’s Camp and Federal Prison located in north Phoenix to meet with incarcerated Veterans.  DMV answers questions about VA Benefits, claim processes, and general updates about the Veterans Administration.  Many times, these incarcerated Veterans just need another Veteran to talk to.  Visits typically last an hour to an hour and a half.

The women are assisting Daisy Mountain Veterans with making plastic sleeping mats for the homeless.

Aid to Veterans and Their Families

Assists veterans and their families who are undergoing hardships to find housing, furnishings, transportation, and other services as necessary.

Military Family Support Group

Partnering with Military Family Support Group to pack care packages/boxes to be mailed to deployed soldiers and Marines.

Other Projects

National Memorial Cemetery

Participates in wreath laying on Memorial Day and Pearl Harbor Day to honor fallen Veterans. We participate in funerals of our members and others who are interned at the National Memorial Cemetery off Cave Creek Road in North Phoenix.

Charter Local Boy Scout Troop and Cub Scout Pack

Acting as a backstop to ensure continuing operations of Boy Scout Troop and Cub Scout Pack 247.  The scouts gain the benefits of working with our members who have served in the military, and we get help by having the scouts provide a volunteer force we can rely on.

Strong Commitment to Schools

Visits local schools annually to participate in Flag Day, Constitution Day, disseminate flag etiquette, and discuss the need for community and military service with students. Daisy Mountain Veterans furnishes meal cards and other financial support to students and their families in the surrounding communities.

Memorial Day

Daisy Mountain Veterans leads the Memorial Day activities at the Anthem Veterans Memorial.

Christmas Party

All members of Daisy Mountain Veterans are invited to drinks and dinner on the second Thursday of December each year.

Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC)

Work with their leaders to help them accomplish their goals. JROTC participates in the Veterans Parade and Veterans Memorial activities.  Volunteer opportunities are provided to assist with JROTC volunteer hour requirements.

United States Naval Sea Cadets Corps (USNSCC)

Work with their leaders to help them accomplish their goals.  USNSCC participates in the Veterans Parade and Veterans Memorial activities.  Volunteer opportunities are provided to assist with USNSCC volunteer hour requirements.

Daisy Mountain Veterans
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